Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Halloween Mobile by GDT Lora

I prefer flying pumpkins. Because a) they look ridiculous and b) they look ridiculously cute. And lastly, those flying monkeys always scared the terwillikers out of me and seeing as how this piece walks on the lighter side of Halloween, flying pumpkins fit right in. Lora here again in my third installment as guest designer for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. This time around I chose to mess with the Mobile Birds set but instead of using the pretty birds,  I decided to dangle GSLCuts Skeleton Shape Set on it and put a Halloween twist on the whole thing.

A challenge to photograph, those elusive, pesky skeletons just did not want to cooperate, but I did get them in the end!

 A close shot of the little witch and her flying pumpkin minions.
I used little seed pods that look like pumpkins, painted a bright orange. You can get them HERE.
The cute little wings are GSLCuts Bat Wings Miniatures.

Here are a few how-to's for making this mobile....

I primered the mobile pieces and skeletons first. I find that gesso gives the matte medium and paints something toothy to stick to and I only need to use one coat of paint and a thin layer of matte medium on each piece.
A lick of paint on the skeletons and paper on the Mobile pieces and they're ready to go.

I cut five pieces of orange linen twine about 10-inches long. I made holes in the top center of each skeletons forehead, pulled the orange linen twine through the hole and threaded a wooden bead (which I painted black) through the twine making sure the loose end was also inside the bead, and squirted some glue into the bead hole and let it dry. After they dry you can add beads and doodads like I did to mine to fancy the skellies up. It makes them happy.

Whilst they were drying, I used a black permanent marker on the bat wings. It's easier to do this before you pop those babies out of the cardboard...saves your finger tips from getting black and having the check out lady at the grocery store ask you if you have zombie rot.
No kidding.
I also dabbed some glue in the center of each pumpkin pod and stuck a piece of twine in there to dry.
After I popped the wings free I cut little tabs of black paper and glued them on the wings, leaving half of the tab free to glue on the pumpkin. I then glued the wings on to the pumpkins, let them dry and then painted the pumpkin orange as well as the part of the tab that attaches the wings to the pumpkin, making the tabs 'invisible' and therefore making the wings appear to be growing out of the pumpkins.
This wordiness has happened because in my creative frenzy (hehe) I forgot to take pictures of this part of the process.

After all was safely dry and doodads and such were added to twine and the mobile itself was embellished with bits and bobs, all was put together. The results were pretty fun!


Additional Supplies
Brass Stamping
Orange Linen Twine
Acrylic Paint
Matte Medium
Wooden Beads

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