Friday, September 2, 2016

Wee Winged Goodness Shrines

Heeellllooo! It's Nichola with a fun and fantastical project and tutorial just for you. This month I wanted to encourage the spreading of good will. These little winged shrines are just the ticket. They're pretty easy to put together and you can get a bit smooshy and sloppy in your mess making ;)

Each of these sweet things uses a Mini House Shadowbox as a base and Victorian Corners to finish off the peak.

Add some wings and then whatever embellishments your heart desires.

The images I've chosen were all selected from She has a lovely selection of images to choose from. The sentiments are just snipped from discarded books.

I think these are absolutely the sweetest and I'm sure that given as a gift, especially a surprise for no reason at all, they'd certainly help to spread cheer and goodness.

To help you make your own, here's how I put these cuties together

And here are all of the supplies I used in the pieces above.
Misc. decorative bits & bobs and embellishments
Acrylic craft paint
Instant glue

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