Friday, September 23, 2016

Nevermore Books - Part Two by Jessica

Welcome back to Nevermore Books. Thanks for checking in with me! My week was mostly spent pushing clay into the cracks between bricks, which I didn't think would take as long as it did, but luckily, I was behind on my Doctor Who, so the hubby and I are all caught up now and I now have a completed brick wall.

It's tiny and a little finicky, but it kind of becomes zen after a while.

Then work began on the base - so I cut another piece of pink foam around the same width as the wall. It ended up being a bit more depth than I needed so I figured...

Let's add a step. You can see I completely plan all of this out ahead of time, right?

So I hummed and hawed and added my foamcore on top to add more texture and dimension.

And of course I wasn't happy with that, so I had to give it even more texture and dimension b breaking it up into further stones once it was glued down.

And then I textured it with my tinfoil ball and cut out in between each stone.

Because now I am hooked on adding clay mortar to things.

By the way, here's the mortar added to the wall, aged a tad and some moss added. It looks even better with the door, but I'm not ready to glue it down just yet, so excuse the "in progress" mess.

Base coat of black for the base.

Then the dry brushing, of course, building up the grey and highlighting with the white.

And then I pushed the clay into the cracks and waited my customary 24-hours once again. It's been a long week of pushing clay into cracks and waiting for it to harden before I can touch my project again. I'm super excited about how this will turn out in the end and I think you should be, too!

Check back next week and we'll start assembling and adding little bits and pieces!


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