Friday, September 9, 2016

The Bird House Builder's Garden

It's Friday and Jess here! My favourite season is fall and I'm eager to get crafting on fall-themed things. I had an idea of an outdoor setup for building several bird houses in a garden setting with fall leaves blowing around. At a time when a lot, if not most birds are leaving or hibernating for the cooler seasons, living in the tip of Southern Ontario lets me view a great many of the birds heading South. Point Pelee is a birders hot-spot in the spring as well as the fall. So today, I give you the Bird House Builders Garden, a small 1:12 scale scene.

Bird house building books piled on a stool and the table.

Birding books on a stool.

Bird house in the process of being built and a red birdhouse already built, on top of a newspaper.

Getting a little inspiration from How to Charm a Bird.

Shrubbery with purple flowers.

Another shrubbery with purple and green flowers.

A larger birdhouse painted red, left out in the sun.

Birdhouse plans among fall leaves.

A red toolbox to store all the important tools in.


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