Thursday, September 12, 2019

Wicked Halloween Wall Art

Hi there, this is Elle (AKA Empire of the Cat) with my first post for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and I hope you like it!  This is a quick and easy to make Halloween decor item that would look great hanging on your wall for this and future Halloweens! I love Halloween, so of course my first post would have to be a Halloween project!

Here's how to do it:

You will need the following items from GSL:

31 Wall Art - Model D42A
Title - Wicked - Model BB5
Spiderweb Shape Set - Model C156B


How to - prep:

First of all, wipe down all the pieces, then cover your chipboard items in black gesso and leave them to dry (it dries very quickly).

Then using your favourite embossing ink, sponge it on to the front of each piece and while it is still wet, dust them all with embossing powder. It takes very little powder to cover all the pieces.

This particular powder has black and gold in it, but you can use whatever colour you want your finished piece to be.  Heat with a heat gun until it has melted and it will start to look like this:  

  Wait a few minutes for the embossing powder to cool before touching the pieces!

 How to - Assembly:

Use something pointy like an awl or a craft tool to poke two holes in the bottom of the "31" from front to back as it's neater that way.  This is where we will attach the "wicked" title so position them so that the holes will line up with loops in the letters where you will be able to tie the thread that links them together. Eyeballing it is fine, no need to measure anything.

Repeat the process with the medium sized web from the Spiderweb shapes set, making a hole above and below where the web will hang. I used silver metallic thread but you could use any kind of thread, invisible thread, thin wire etc. When you have everything positioned, tie the threads and secure the thread ends with a spot of glue.  Below I am using something heavy to hold them in place while they dry but it will only take a few minutes if you want to hold it in place instead. Once the glue has dried and is holding the thread in place, snip off the surplus.

 All that remains is to add some kind of hook to enable your lovely new Halloween wall art to be hung on the wall.  You could use anything for this, a loop of thread, a paperclip, or something recycled like this plastic piece from a paper pad which is intended for shop display, so why not reuse it as the hook for this display piece!  These "hooks" are quite commonly used in papercrafts so you are likely to have at least one stuck on a box somewhere.

Peel it carefully off the pad and then glue it on to the back of your piece where it will not be seen when it's on the wall and once the glue is dry - it's ready to go!

The Finished Project and close ups:

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and that you try making one of these cool Halloween decor items for your home. Or course if your house number happens to be 31 and you love cats, then this piece is perfect for you all year long!


Project Recipe:

GSL Cuts 31 Wall Art - Model D42A
GSL Cuts Title - Wicked - Model BB5
GSL Cuts Spiderweb Shape Set - Model C156B

Black gesso
Embossing Ink and Embossing Powder
Heat gun for melting embossing powder
Metallic thread
leftover packaging
PVA glue


  1. Magically wonderful! Welcome to the DT. Halloween is also my favorite holiday!!

  2. Welcome! Love your first project and look forward to seeing more of your posts!