Wednesday, September 18, 2019

wicked ways

I always enjoy working on Halloween projects throughout the fall, and today, I am excited to share my latest piece, "wicked ways." This piece uses a Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts filigree front shrine as its base. I love the size of this shrine, its generous interior provides the perfect opportunity for me to create a spooky scene. I have opted to use the WICKED word from the halloween word set in lieu of the filigree piece that comes with the shrine. I plan to use the beautifully detailed filigree piece for a future project.
I first paint all of the shrine pieces that I will be using with black paint. I do not add water, and try to use a light hand when applying the paint, ensuring that all edges are covered. This piece has a few edges that are exposed when it is assembled, and if you are not planning to cover the outside with paper, it is essential to paint the exposed edges the same color so the appearance will be seamless.
When the paint has dried, I select a paper for the interior of the shrine. I want the scene that I am creating to have a spooky quality, and find an old piece of decorative paper from my stash that will be perfect to achieve this. Since the paper is 12x12, and I want to be sure to include the area with the full moon, I lay the front piece of the shrine on top of the page to determine the area that I will need to cut out. The interior (back) panel is 4-3/4" x 5- 3/4". I also cut two adjacent strips (on either side of the main panel) to use on each interior side. These papers are inked around the edges and adhered to their respective pieces with collage medium. Once the papers are secured, I assemble the shrine box with more collage medium. I use clamps to make sure that everything stays in place as the glue dries.
Setting the shrine box aside, I work on the word Wicked that will adorn the top of my shrine. This piece is from the Halloween word set. I have other ideas for the remaining words from this set and really like how each word is cut from a different font. Knowing that there is a possibility that some sections of the word might extend beyond the top of the shrine, I paint both the front and back of the word with black paint. When the paint has dried, I coat the front side with VersaMark embossing ink and sprinkle with dragons egg embossing powder. This is then heat set. I consider adding another layer of embossing, but really like the texture that I have achieved with only a single application. I love the subtle metallic finish and the color works perfectly with my scheme. In order to keep the subtleness, but also ensure that the title is noticed, I use a silver metallic paint pen around the exterior edge of the letters. This will help the word pop without having to raise it off of the front panel. When the silver edge has completely dried, I attach the word piece to the shrine using collage medium.
Now it is time to set the scene inside the shrine. I spritz the cauldron piece from the GSLC be witched shape set lightly with water on both sides. I then gently bend the shape to create a 3-d effect. I allow the piece to dry in this altered shape. After it has dried, I coat the outside of the cauldron with embossing ink, then a layer of hammered metal embossing powder. Using a heat gun I melt the powder to a wonderful finish. The embossed piece is allowed to cool. I cut a piece of foam to raise the cauldron away from the back panel and use collage medium to attach the foam in place along the back.
A die cut witch figure is inked then covered in black soot glitter. To achieve the look of moonlight shining off her silhouetted figure, I die cut a second witch from silver cardstock and offset the two pieces. She stirs her magic potion with a "wooden" stick.
The interior base of the shrine is covered with moss; a few bones and a skull add to the spooky effect. Within the cauldron, pearls (colored with alcohol inks) create the perfect bubbly potion. Die cut bats are suspended with wire or attached to the interior of the shrine, enjoying the witch's cackling chant.
For the exterior of the shrine, I wanted it to remain simple. Black cardstock skeleton leaf die cuts are adhered to the side and fold-over to the back. An ephemera "poster" for the Witches Dance is the main attraction.
I hope that you have enjoyed this wicked piece, I look forward to sharing more of my Halloween projects over the next few weeks.  Feel free to leave a comment, I always enjoy hearing your thoughts or answering questions.
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Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts used:


  1. This is fantastic and magical!!! I adore it. The details are stunning

  2. This is so cool Ann! I love it :) I also have this witch die and it's one of my favourites.