Saturday, September 21, 2019

Unsolved Mysteries Display Cabinet

Happy Saturday, everyone. I way had too much fun pulling together all of the elements that an investigator of unsolved mysteries would collect using one of my absolute favorite GSL pieces - a Millinery Cabinet 1:12.
This gorgeous intricate little cabinet comes with a lot of pieces. Assembly is a breeze if you take the time to lay them out beforehand. The largest piece is the back wall of the cabinet. In this photo I have laid out the lower section.
And here is the upper section.
The only pieces remaining make up the dual cubby sections that go on each side of the cabinet.
I chose a rich brown acrylic paint for the cabinet. This photo shows where the cubby sections are to be glued in place on each side.
Looking fancy!
The large back wall space was perfectly suited for a bulletin board to hold all sorts of information; mothman, UFOs, the Bermuda triangle, the Black Dahlia. I later added an image of DB Cooper. It was assembled from a rectangle of Paper Studio cork adhesive paper framed with sections of coffee stir sticks. Several pin heads were glued on as tacks.
I added a relic made from a GSL Gothic Cross Miniature embellished with a few Swarovski crystals. 
It was placed in front of the bulletin board along with a passport and a book on haunted houses. That giant orange feather on the wall is from a friend's parrot.
One of the mystery elements I included was a tiny astronaut guy from my stash (it was one of my now-grown daughter's toys) with an Alien facehugger from a toy pack I found at Walmart a few years ago. I think the brand might be Mini Mates but no longer have the packaging. This little guy was placed in under a glass dome.
It was placed onto the top of the cabinet along with a Bigfoot sculpture (a bead), a mysterious glowing worm (fishing lure) under a glass dome, an alien head (another bead) and a small glass jar filled with hummingbird feathers.
The left hand side has a skull sitting on top of a field notebook, a jar full of moss, a mysterious shiny rock (a hematite specimen) and a Terminator hand under glass (a dollar store skeleton arm painted silver). In the background you will see a copy of a letter attributed to Jack the Ripper.
Here's a wider view. I included a few Bigfoot images and tucked into the left side cubbies are correspondence, a rolled up copy of the Zodiac Ciphers, a photo of Lizzie Borden's house and more UFO photos. 
Our investigator is truly a world traveler so I included a compass, globe and binoculars. That mysterious glowing rock is a chunk of glow in the dark vase filler set onto a bead base. A 1952 UFO photo is seen in the background.
The right hand cubbies include fairy wings, a feather from our hens, photos of Oumuamua, the Nazca lines and a few pages of the Voynich manuscript. Never heard of some of these? Google them for an interesting afternoon of reading. 
Down below we have some interesting maps and tomb inscription rubbings.
Along with a grail, map and package on the right side, our intrepid explorer has also obtained a lovely painting tucked away in an inconspicuous spot. It's actually The Concert by Johannes Vermeer which was stolen in 1990 and is considered the world's most valuable unrecovered painting. Could our adventurer be collecting more than unsolved mystery clues?
Thanks so much for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

Other Products Used
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Printed images
Paper Studio cork adhesive paper
Coffee stir sticks
Swarovski crystals
Assorted bits & bobs


  1. Thus is fantastic!! I love all the thoughtful details!! You always do such a wonderful job!!

  2. This is really cool. What a great way to display notes, trinkets and special items.