Saturday, September 14, 2019

Talk About Quality with Betsy Skagen

Way back in 2015 I made a storage unit for my art studio table. At the time, I wondered how well a storage caddy made from chipboard would stand up to daily use. Would it be worth it to pay for a unit made from cardboard? Four years later, I can assure you that the answer is a resounding yes.
I used a kit from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts (which at the time was called Gina's Designs) to make this rotating hobby organizer. You can go back and read the tutorial here.

Maybe you are thinking that it isn't impressive for a storage unit to last four years. If you knew how I used mistreated it, you would probably think differently. Not only do I use the container regularly, I do not treat it gently. It is crammed full of (sometimes leaky) bottles, paper, sharp implements and a mish-mash of art tools.

Here are some snapshots of it sitting on my desk today.

I store many of my daily go-to supplies here plus assorted bits and bots that I need to tuck out of the way of my workspace.

In two of the drawers I keep my receipts until I pull them out at tax time. Since I am extraordinarily talented at procrastinating on taxes, the drawers end up getting crammed full.

Honestly, it is in as good of shape as it was the day I made it. I have not had to make a single repair to it. So if you have any hesitation about durability in creating something from Gypsy Soul's many storage options, you no longer need to worry.

Have a great weekend! -Betsy

Great Stuff
Rotating Hobby Organizer
Beacon Fabri-Tac
Decorative paper
Drawer pulls
Washi tape


  1. Great reminder of the durability and quality of the GSLC products. It was beautiful in 2015 and still lovely now!! It also speaks of your attention to details

  2. That's fantastic! And what a useful item. It really looks great and good to know how robust it is.