Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tiny Little Pumpkin Boy

Hello crafty friends!  I would like you to meet Pumpkin Boy.  He's a good kid, despite the squinty face. 

He fit nicely into Tiny Little Shadowbox House #4, and was quick to assemble. 

First I glued the houses together and painted with black gesso.

Cutting papers to fit when pieces are already glued together can be fiddly.  I made it easy by just outlining the roof peak for the exterior back.  I did the same for the inside and trimmed down further to fit.  This gave me the right roofline angles and I just had to trim in the left and right edges narrower than the exterior back piece.

I used Mod Podge to adhere all the paper bits and left it to dry.

One dry I sanded the paper edges to meet the chipboard, then used black gesso to touch up as needed.

Eventually I will fill all 4 Tiny Little Shadowbox Houses with pumpkin kids!  Thanks for your visit today.


Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used
Tiny Little Shadowbox 4 -- #C20D

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