Friday, August 24, 2018

Being organised can also be pretty with Alica Barry

This past week, I started at a new school. It's been a while since I had my own classroom, so it has been a lot of fun decorating, and my skills as a paper designer have definitely come in handy.  Unlike my craft desk at home, I like to keep my work desk very neat and organised, but something I have already noticed is that I keep putting my  phone down  during the day, and it gets hidden under math papers and kid drawings.

To try to combat the problem, and to make my desk look pretty, I have created this holder for my phone with the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts ipad and phone holder. This is actually the second one I have made. I also made one for my son a while ago. This is a simple three piece set that has so many possibilities for decorating.

I upped the decorative aspect of this project by adding a pretty Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Flourished Frame- Valerie rectangle to the back panel, giving the project a little more height, then decorated the project with a vine piece from the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts  Leaves and Flourishes set, along with paper leaves, flowers and mesh.

To create this project, I applied black ink to  the raw edges. I then glued pretty patterned paper to the base and both sides of the back panel. The paper pad I used also had some die cut borders, which I used on the small front panel. Once dry, I slotted all the pieces together and secured with liquid adhesive.

For the frame, I first gave the whole piece a coat of silver gilding wax. Next, I put liquid adhesive around the inner frame and sprinkled with glass glitter and mica fragments. I lined the back of the frame with co-ordinating patterned paper. I may even add a small photo into the frame at some point, but it is also nice on its own.

Finally I took the leaf flourish and coated it with silks paint in two shades. I used a cotton tip to apply the paint so that I could blend the two shades a little. Notice how I have glued it so that it is on both the front of the small panel, and on the base. I then tucked some mesh around the leaves and added small paper leaves and roses. I continued this onto the back left of the project and the top right to create a visual triangle.  A white ribbon bow was the final touch.

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