Saturday, August 25, 2018

Wanderlust anchored at home by Betsy Skagen

My crafting often turns me into somewhat of a hermit. It is easy for me to spend days in my studio--especially during less pleasant months--and only venture out in the world to run errands.

I fill my studio with fun vintage items that remind me to enjoy life outside my little corner of the world. When I created this organizer storage unit for my studio I used it as an opportunity to remind myself both of travel adventures and vintage treasures I had yet to discover.

To make this storage unit, begin by assembling the Organizer System using a strong adhesive like Beacon Fabr-Tac.

Next spray paint the entire unit with a flat brown paint.
 Make sure you spray the inside of the Stickle holder.
Next select the base papers you want to use and cut them to fit each box. Adhere with Modpodge or a craft glue. 
Next fussy cut travel ephemera. Ink the edges with brown ink to give an aged look. Then adhere the ephemera to each unit. 
Cover all the units with a coat of ModPodge. Let dry and repeat with another coat of Modpodge. 
If you have any doubts about the durability of an storage system made from chipboard, let me assure you it will be sturdy. I made another Gypsy Soul organizer system about three years ago. It sits on my art table where I use it every day and it still looks new.

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