Saturday, August 4, 2018

Honeydukes Reimagined

I originally planned on turning one of the GSL Corner Room Boxes into a Honeydukes candy shop but changed my mind when I saw the Rotating 4 Scene Room Box. (Alpha stamps) After making a candy themed clock and Honeydukes display I realized I had way too many fun candy shop ideas to fit into a single room. Here's what I came up with.
The room box has a base, two interlocking pieces that make up the walls of the rooms, an 'X' shaped piece that goes at the top and four rectangular pieces that fit on the wall edges. It also comes with a lazy susan turntable to spin it. I painted all of the surfaces that weren't going to be papered with a base coat of gesso then a cream colored acrylic paint.  The piece was assembled using tacky glue.
I chose the black and cream Checkers paper from Graphic 45's Mother Goose collection for all of the room's floors. 
The papers I used for the walls were Recollections Light Pink Stripes, Bo Bunny The Avenues, Imaginisce Hey Foxy and a pink and white Random Dot from Paper Studio. 

The baseboards were made from tongue depressors. I used cutters to get them to size. A sanding block took the rough edges off. They were then painted cream and glued into place. 
I used Super Glue to adhere the turntable to the bottom before I started the decorating process.
The Honeydukes display case was placed into the pink striped room. I made a small wall shelf from one of the Mini Shadowbox Set boxes. I painted it to match the display case and filled it with jars of poly clay cane slices and some giant peppermint lollipops made from glass beads and wire. 
The clock was given it's own space that I decorated with Ella & Viv candy heart papers from their Candy Land Tray set into resin frames. The pink pots are holding snippets of plastic flowers. 
I knew I wanted to have a quiet space for the students to do their homework. That's the GSL Table & 2 Chairs 1:12 with a scrap of felt as seat cushions. I glued a hook on the wall for a student's owl cage. The 'Shhh' sign is made from free clip art I found online. 
 The table has a tea pot, two cups, a jar of candy (of course) and two miniature books. 
The last room was inspired by many of the places I took my girls when they were little. Lots of places that kids hang out have birthday party celebration rooms so I added one at my version of Honeydukes. The presents are made from papered wooden blocks and tiny bows, the cake is made of polymer clay, the heart balloons are made from acrylic vase filler hearts glued onto floral wire. The banner was printed using a Harry Potter font and glued onto baker's twine, held in place by heart shaped buttons.
I hope you were transported along with me, thanks for stopping by!

Gypsy Soul Items Used

Small Trinket Shelf  Stand (coming soon)

Other Items Used
Tacky glue
Super Glue
Acrylic paint
Tongue depressors
Recollections Light Pink Stripes
Bo Bunny The Avenues
Imaginisce Hey Foxy 
Pink and white Random Dot from Paper Studio
Ella & Viv Candy Land Tray
Resin Frames
Wooden blocks
Miniature bows
Vase filler hearts
White floral wire
Miniature bottles
Polymer clay
Polymer clay canes
Printed labels

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