Thursday, August 2, 2018

Faux Book Box & Mini Book Insert . . .

Small projects are the best! Quick, easy and adorable all packed into tiny. This ATC Sized Faux Book Box is no exception.

Here's the easy part:

The above 5 pieces make up the bottom portion of the box. Using the notch and slot method, match the pieces as shown above and glue them in place (perpendicular) to build the bottom 3 dimensional box.

Next, you'll need the last 2 pieces for the top/closure:

Place these 2 pieces together and use tape to put them together. Yep, tape not glue. The reason for this is the top has to swing open. Using glue will not work. So tape it is. I used a hinging book tape but most any type of strong tape will do including packing tape.

Make sure that hinge works and then, using another piece of tape, adhere the side piece to the bottom.

Now it's time to decorate. Because this is ATC size, I used a 6x6 paper pad I had in my stash. For the closure, I cut a piece of Kraft-Tex. It acts just like leather - but it's paper and very strong. Adding a TH belt buckle completed the closure.

And on the inside . . .

an ATC size Ticket Journal

ready for a trade or gift.

Hope you get a chance to try one of your own. 

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