Monday, August 20, 2018

Creepy Critter

Hi Everyone,
 Jess here today.

 I promise next month I will get back to doing step by step photos for you.  Work has been a bear lately and I have hardly had any time to create.  I wanted to get a bit spooky though.  It's cooling off around here-it's been under 100 degrees at least twice!

To begin cover your Reliquary- Arch Top with a thin layer of gesso.  Then layer on your inks.  It is key to allow time for each layer to dry naturally to achieve the faux marble look. Using your blending foam, apply a layer of Pumice Stone Distress Ink and then add a bit of Espresso Distress Ink.  Spritz these layers with water.  Once they are dry add Distress Oxides in Iced Spruce, Hickory Smoke, and Black Soot.  These are applied one at a time and spritzed with water.  I switched back and forth between using the blending foam and just stamping the pad directly onto the arch.  Using the pad I was able to get some veins in the marble.
Add your paperdoll and bunny head charm.  Set the piece aside to dry.

Cover the Extra Large Tag with a piece of patterned paper.  Use Distress Oxides in Hickory Smoke and Forest Moss to get the mottled effect.  Edge the tag using Walnut Stain Distress Ink.  Socre the bottom of the tag to create a bend. 
Use the large piece from the Layered Flourish Aria.  Paint the back piece using Tarnished Brass Distress Paint.  Paint the front piece using Sterling Distress Paint.  When the paint is dry pounce on Alcohol ink in Patina, Mushroom, and Latte.  Glue the two pieces together and adhere to the top of the tag.  
Using the same colors of Alcohol INk color your gravemaker and attach to the arch using brads.  Glue the arch to the bottom of the tag.  
Cover the base of the tag with moss and add some skulls and bones.  Paint the Meadow Flowers using Forest Moss DIstress Paint.  Stipple on the same alcohol ink color you used before.  Cut the flowers in half and adhere them to the back of the Reliquary- Arch Top.  

Your creepy masterpiece is complete!
I hope you enjoyed this creepy tutorial.