Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A simple fascinator

"Do you have your hat yet?"
"I'm not wearing a hat."
"YOU HAVE TO WEAR A HAT! Your grandmother was told she must wear a hat. You've got to wear something."

Apparently I have to wear a hat of some sort to my cousins wedding. I love hats (serious affinity to crowns!) but a) I get a bad case of hat head when I wear anything on my head and b) I have to pack it in a suitcase.

The solution? A simple fascinator!

A fasinator is "a type of formal headwear worn as an alternative to the hat; it is usually a large decorative design attached to a band or clip."

Most instructions I found for creating a fascinator said to use a 8" round, but I wanted something quite small. Instead, I opted for the Layered Frame Bella Oval as my base. I painted it black then sandwiched a piece of scrapbook paper that matches the colour of my dress in between the layers.

I applied a pair of Fantasy Wings to a Punchelements 1 inch Scalloped round and topped that with a paper rose. This element holds a length of tulle in place.

I backed the frame with a piece of felt and glued the entire thing to a headband. To secure things even further, an additional piece of felt is added over the band to keep it sturdy.

And that's really it! So simple. Done in not time at all with just a few materials. Best of all you can colour coordinate perfectly with your pretty frock.

This project is super simple. To make your own, here is the list of all the materials I used:

Layered Frame Bella Oval
Fantasy Wings
Punch Elements 1 inch Scalloped
Scrapbook paper
Hot glue
White glue
Paper flower 

And if you aren't attending an event that requires headwear, make yourself a fascinator and drink high tea at home with pinkies out and fancy something upon your head.

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