Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Shabby Chic Christmas Brush Tree Shrines

Hey there all you Gypsy Soul Peeps! Well Christmas Day has come and gone and I have had so much fun creating holiday decor with my GSL chippies. Today I'm sharing a set of very shabby and very sweet Christmas tree shrines. I reallyyyyyy love brush trees so I feel like they deserve to be displayed in a nice shrine.

 I mean are these not the cutest things????
I've even given them a bit of a snowy background.
And rooftops that are so sparkly and have a ton of texture.
I need to make like elebenty hundred of these to line up on my mantle!!!!!

Here's how I created them.....
I assembled the shrines and painted them with flat white acrylic. Two coats please : ) I really like Tombow Mono-Multi to adhere the pieces.

I've splodged on a fair bit of faux snow and tamped the brush in it to add stiff peaks.
Then carefully sprinkled on 3D powder.
Next add some glitter...everything is better with glitter.

These metal feet were given a coat of Gesso and a top coat of the white paint. You will look at this and say....but Ginny there's no room for the back feet and the shrine will tip over.
So I added a super sturdy chipboard back support to hold up the back. See how you don't really even notice it looking from the front.
Now it's stable and can be filled with just about anything that will fit. I recommend tiny brush trees : )

I also recommend making a lot of them as they were super fun to create and will look fabby with your favorite seasonal decor.

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