Friday, December 22, 2017

Mini Christmas Sleigh Ornament

It is so close to Christmas, yet I still find myself making new things. If you've been to my blog, you'll see that I have made quite a few new home decor items this year all in my teal, gold and silver colour scheme. Today I am sharing this super cute Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts mini sleigh. 

I love all things mini and this is super cute. It's very small, only around 5-6 inches long, yet still has beautifully delicate details. This means that I really didn't have to do much to it, to create a really sweet little ornament. 

Being small makes it a perfect size for a Christmas village display, or a tree ornament.  If I had a whole group of these, I would pop a small stick in there with a name tag to make a very unique table place card decoration. Imagine one of these on each plate! Maybe that will be my goal for next year. 

The sleigh itself slots together very easily. I assembled first today, then coated in gesso. I left the decorative pieces separate. I painted the sleigh in teal paint and allowed to dry. In the meantime, I covered the gesso coated decorative pieces in liquid adhesive (I used embossing glue in a dauber bottle) then sprinkled very fine glitter. I then adhered in place to the sides of the sleigh. 

I then added a teal coloured ribbon bow, and piled in some mini pinecones and mini ornament balls. You could hot glue these in place if you were to hang it on the tree. That's really all there is to it. I almost feel guilty about how simple this project is, but that makes it a perfect project to try at home. It proves that not everything has to be overly complicated to look great. 

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