Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Mini Book Albums

It's almost time for Christmas and time is getting a little short these days so I thought I would share with all of you a special Christmas photo/memory box filled with tiny mini books that you can make to put all of this years Christmas memories in.  It doesn't have to be done before the holidays, so that's good,  but just knowing that you can fill it with extra special pictures and journaling gives you something fun to plan for and do after the holidays.

This adorable little mini book shelf and drawer set comes complete with instructions and all the pieces that you need to complete it.  I did mine in one afternoon and kept it pretty simple but these would be so much fun to do for other holidays and babies too.  And you can always add lots more to decorate the outside and insides of the books to make it yours.   Join me for a quick tutorial...

1. First wipe all the edges of the chipboard pieces clean and glue together the box and drawer and let them dry completely. Set aside those mini book pieces for later.

2. Measure each of the sides and cut papers to fit and glue with adhesive.  I like Scotch quick dry because the paper doesn't ripple and it's super quick to work with.  I also cut pieces for the insides even though the mini books will be in them.

3. This Photo Play winter paper line also comes with lots of mini cards so I cut them all apart while I was waiting for everything to dry.  I am going to use them for inside my books later.

4. Cut the pieces of paper for each of the mini books as directed in your instructions and lay out the cardboard pieces that you get in the set.  Glue them on top and let them dry. Be sure and leave a small space between the pieces like I did so it folds really easily.   I like to put on a book or something on them while they dry to keep them flat.

5.  Now you can cut off all of the corners and fold the paper over to make sure the miters are even.  Then glue them down with a good double sided tape.  Not waiting for glue to dry is a good thing.

6. I wanted to give you another idea for the inside besides what the instructions give you so I cut fancy matted pieces of printed paper for each of the sides and glued them down first and then created that little white book to fit in the center.  I cut three strips of paper for each book- 3 1/4 inches wide by 11".  For the first one I scored it on 4" then 4 1/4 and then 4 1/2.  Then measure to 8 1/2 and cut the end off.  The second you will do the same way but leave 1/2 inch in the center.  And the last you will have 3/4 inch in the center.  This way each of the books can lay inside of each other and be glued in the center of your mini book like you see above.  Your center piece is 1" wide so you may have to cut a piece of patterned paper to go under it to cover the cardboard.

7.  Now you can have fun with stickers and tags and decorate each of the books for whatever you did fun for the holidays.  Parties, lights, dinners, friends... all those neat festive things that your family does.  Sounds like a fun project right?

And I have a friend that I worked with named Holly so when I found this sentiment and I thought this would make the perfect gift to give for her.  Their family does lots of fun things and it's nice to have it somewhere to share with everyone for years ahead.

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope the rest of your holiday is very magical!   Teresa

Supply List:

GSLC Mini Book Box

Paper:  Photo Play

Adhesive: Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive, double sided tape 1/4", tape runner

scissors, paper trimmer, ruler, jingle bell, white card stock

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