Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Winter Trees Shadowbox

Hello all. Lora Mahaffey here taking my turn for the awesome sauce that is Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts!
When we are in this busy time of year I sometimes want to do something that has a repetitive nature. Seeing a pattern can be relaxing and calming.
Except if we're talking a zig-zag of spiders.
Maybe not that.
Anyway, I find making something that is repetitive kind of soothing. I'm sure I'm projecting here, but maybe in all the holiday chaos, looking at something that repeats itself might be that way for you too.
So here is a little serenity and calm in the midst of the bustle that we call the holidays.
Or you can just say it's four trees in a House Room Box - 4 Cubbies.
I'm good with that!
A view of the back....
I began by cutting my papers for the sides and back and also for the back of the four cubbies. I glued the house together and set it aside to dry.
While it was drying I put a coat of gesso on the Chipboard Shingles-Pointed and the 1 7/8 inch Snowflakes (which are coming soon).
After the snowflakes dried, I gave them a coat of matte medium and while they were wet, I sprinkled glitter on them.
A lot of glitter....
If you  put a saucer or a bowl underneath what you're glittering, you can re-use the glitter. I found these little ceramic dishes at a junk shop. It says 'United Airlines' on the bottom, so I guess these were the plates they used to serve meals on way back when.

While waiting for all that glitter to dry, I glued the shingles to the roof. It took four rows of shingles to do the whole roof.
After the glue dries, it's really easy to trim the shingles down to the width that you want them with a big pair of scissors. I cut mine down to about 1 3/4 inches wide.
At this point, my house was dry so I glued on all the papers I cut for the house and inked the edges a bit.
I wanted my snowflakes to sit about half an inch away from the back of each cubbie, so I measured, cut four pieces of foam . painted them white and glued them to the back of each snowflake. I glued them into each cubbie, making sure they all lined up  with each other.
I didn't have any trees that were tiny enough to fit in the cubbies, but I had a bunch of small bottle brush trees that I had no other plans for, so I measured how tall I wanted them to be (about an 1 1/2) and cut their little tops off so the the tops became the 'new' tree.
I added some little pearls, some tiny little snowflakes and some more glitter and glued the trees in front of the large snowflakes.
I trimmed edges, added snow and (more) glitter to the roof.......
And a painted candlestick holder for  a pedestal.
I don't know about you, but I feel pretty calm and happy right now.
Happy Holidays!

Chipboard Shingles-Pointed
House Room Box 4 Cubbies
1 7/8 inch Snowflakes (coming soon)

The Candlestick Holder, Retro Bottle Brush Trees, pearls (White Pearl Mixed Tin), Stickles glitter (in Diamond) and 5mm Thin Snowflakes (on the trees) came from Alpha Stamps.

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