Saturday, November 12, 2016

Christmas Ornament

Hello all you lovelies out there. Shanna here and this is my first post for November and I thought why not get started on some Christmas creations???

Did you know that Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts now has these cool chipboard ornaments? You can create your special ornaments with family and friends or maybe even do an ornament swap!

So I got started. There are two clear pieces so you can create a window style ornament. I didn't make a full window ornament. I enclosed it.

First I traced the full ornament shape twice as I need a full back piece and a front piece.

Next I glued down the back of the ornament with the inside of the circle down since I did not want o make it fully see through. 

Here you can see it glued down and then I covered the top of it. 

I decided to use a foil adhesive rub on the ornament for the center. 

I used a red foil to to cover the adhesive. 

Then I added the next layer of the ornament you can see how it started adding dimension. 

Now for the top layer of the of the ornament I am using 3d gloss gel to add the clear window piece. 

I stuck the next piece on top of the clear and used binder clips to hold it down and in place while it dried. 

Once it dries paint it. You can also paint before you adhere the window panel. I just wasn't sure what color I wanted to paint it yet. 

Then add some glitter and sequins or beads, really whatever you would love in your ornament. Then adhere the ornament closed. 

I decided to add some glass glitter on the outside of the ornament. I used 3d Gloss Gel again and then rolled and sprinkled some chunky glass glitter to the sides. 

Then enjoy your creation or make more. 

Product Used:
Double Sided Ornament - Coming Soon

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  1. I love simple ornament projects! This would be a wonderful gift or even a package tie on!