Friday, November 25, 2016

1980s Punk Scene

Hey guys it's Jess here again with the last bit of my punk room box. I'm going to finish up by showing you a mini tutorial on window-dressing, and then showing you how my room box turned out.

Last time I showed you how I worked with the GSLC 4 Panel Windows to make them 3D with foamcore. Now we're going to dress it up a bit more. Below is your 3d-ified 4 Panel windows from last time.

This is Shaper Sheet from Woodland Scenics and is cotton on one side and a thick sort of aluminum foil on the other side. It's very useful for a wide array of crafting projects and today we're using it for a window dressing for GSLC.

Picking your material, cut it in the general shape of three loops. It's not overly important to be exact here (I'm never exact it my cutting and measuring. If I try, I always fail at it). Cut the material larger than your Shaper Sheet, also in the same general shape.

Use hot glue to glue the two pieces together. Just squish em' together. The back side won't show. No need to be clean.

Then I squished each of the three pieces upwards and then in on top of each other, creating that late 80s/90s window dressing look for your window. Easy peasy lemon squeasy. 

The Punk Bedroom

Full view of the bedroom.

Posters, bed, pizza box, radio....

Comics, sock, skateboard and records.

Box of books.

Table with boom box and various cassette tapes piled. A box of comics underneath, a stray sock, some records, an old pizza box.

Stained mattress and open comic book on the bed. Stickers on the headboard. 

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