Friday, November 11, 2016

Punk Rock Room Box

Hey guys and gals - Jess here for the first of two installments this month for my Punk Rock Room box. Today I'm going to give you the inside scoop on how I fanagled the GSLC products and then for my next post, I'm going to show you everything finished, in place with all the other bits and pieces, all punkified.

I'm using the Standard bed from GSLC as the main piece for the room box. I put it together using white PVA glue and let it set overnight. I then used burnt umber paint, painting it streaky so that it looks more wood-like, just with one layer.

For the mattress, I use pink insulation foam. I purchased mine from Home Depot, and this is half inch. I cut two pieces, one for the mattress itself and one for the box frame. 

I cut the foam to fit the 1:12 scale bed I chose (in this case the standard bed - I thought it fit the 1980's punk theme more) and then used a nail file to soften and sand down the edges and make it look more "mattress like". I had to sand the top mattress piece down a little further because of the next step:

I purchased the thinnest covered wire from Home Depot they had and hot glued it around the top mattress piece, making sure it would still fit when set down.

I had to be careful here because of the foot board and headboard.

For the box spring I took a pen and pressed a design into it and then painted it with tan paint as a base, followed with blue dry brushing. 

I was originally going to dry brush the mattress, but it worked a lot better to mix a white and a blue paint while they were still wet and paint with them and it gave me this neat effect, and I painted the wire white, giving me the tubing effect on the mattress.

And because it's me, and nothing is ever nice and neat and pretty, I had to add mattress stains, so I took some alcohol ink and just added some random splotches for a gross effect I'm super happy with.

Here's a sneak peak of the bed in it's bedroom for later this month.

I've also used GSLC's 4 Panel Windows and I've discovered that if you use the foamcore from the dollar store (don't pay good money for the stuff from Michaels!)  you can make the windows 3D and you have no idea how excited about this I am! You don't need me to show you a step by step of this, it's just adding a strip to each side and building up from it and then sanding with a nail file if you feel it's needed.

I made two here, but I'm only going to be using one for my project, saving one for later. Check back with me later this month for the final outcome of this project (I'm so excited to show you!)


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