Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Countdown Tree

Hello to you all Shanna here and I am happy to share a new addition to the store. I altered the new Countdown Tree (coming soon) with some vintage touches. I really like it and it isn't too much or too flashy for my counter. My daughter was beyond happy to have something to countdown the days to Christmas!

First I painted the tree with some chalk paint.

Then I went and added some tissue paper with some matte medium and squished the paper on to create texture. 

I went around with a wet paint brush on the edges and then ripped the rest of the paper off. 

While that dried I used a candle to scrub wax randomly on my date tags. 

Then I brushed a light coat of chalk paint on top of the date tags. 

Once the paint dries use something to scrub the wax off like a popsicle stick or like a coin... just like those ticket scratches offs! 

Once the tree is dry I went to town with a stamp and some black ink. 

Now the black ink was a little too bright so I went over the tree again with some watered down chalk paint that I added a little bit of black ink to so it was a little gray. 

Then after it sat a little I used a baby wipe to blotch it off. 

Next I decided to glue the tree into the base with some tacky glue. 

I inked around the edges with some chalk inks.

Then I decided to fancy up my date tags with some stamps and embossing powder. 

I glued the numbers on top and I made sure everything was inked around the edges to match the tree. 

For the Days Until Christmas I went ahead and embossed these as well. 

Then I just put it together with some string, jingle bells, clothespins, and some wood pieces made to look like presents for the words to sit on.

So for some close ups of the project!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Products used:
Christmas Countdown - Coming Soon



  1. Wow! Beautiful Shanna! I love the techniques you used on this tree and the tags!

  2. Woozer Shanna!!! Love all the textures and especially love how you wrapped the tree to hang the countdown numbers on!