Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Film Noir Stage by Trish Alger

Hello, this is my final project as Guest Designer for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts this February. The array of exciting choices at Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts set my imagination in thousands of directions. 
When I spied the stage I knew Film Noir was the theme.  I limited my color palette to a gray scale and dove in. Please browse with me through the steps; I'll share some tips and provide the supply list at the end. Let's go...

Rather than paint the pieces and then assemble them, this time I glued the stage together first (except for the top curtain piece). Tacky glue worked great to hold the pieces in place as they dried. (E6000 was not as friendly to work with.)
  I used some leftover spray paint to change the color. (A shade that looks like aluminum.) I placed the stage in a shallow cardboard box and sprayed in light, even, sweeps out-of-doors. Let it set for an hour for most of the fumes to dissipate.
 The top curtain section was covered in black gesso.
 I wanted the other leftover spray paint for the filmstrip. (This shade looks like chrome.) Then I taped off the curtain sections for stripes.
 Again, I placed the stage in a shallow cardboard box and sprayed in light, even, sweeps out-of-doors. Let it set for an hour for most of the fumes to dissipate.
 This is the backside of the pieces to show the difference.

I wanted the filmstrip to stand out visually, so I mixed some gum Arabic, water, and PearlEx macro pearl.
 I love the subtle shine it gives the filmstrip.
 Here is the stage all striped out.

My black stripes were too intense for me so I toned them down with some PearlEx micro pearl.

 Then the film reel and my mysterious dame needed a coat of black gesso.
 The film reel received a coat of PearlEx silver.
 The tone difference is amazing.
 My mysterious dame needs a gun in her silhouette. I altered her handbag with my X-acto knife.
 I needed a cool film noir movie image for my screen and to set the dramatic theme. had a great one. I printed the image on white cardstock and adhered that to some chipboard for stability.
 I added pop-dot adhesive to the back.
 Here all of the parts before assembly.
 Notice the raven was given a coat of black gesso and then added to top edge of my stage. It rests just perfect up there.
 Assembly time. I used tissue paper to prop up parts while they dry.
 Love the look and negative space.
 The filmstrip needed to be adhered with some elevation. Clear pop-dots, stacked up, performed well.
 Almost there. Some dramatic placement.
 Love how the negative space creates interest.
 My mysterious dame needs a place.
 A different angle. She creates another dramatic shadow.
 Let's add a mirror to the top of the stage.
 Here is the stage in many types of lighting and backdrops:


 Studio lighting...
 Indoor natural lighting:
 I wanted to show the amazing differences in each lighting situation. I can't wait to see how this scene looks each day at differing times. 

Thank you so much for being with me this month! It has been an amazing creative journey. Please let me know what you think, of what you have seen, and any crafty ideas you have come up with.
Ciao for now,
-Trish Alger

My supply list:

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Supplies   
-Hollywood Shape Set   
-Lady Silhouette (Coming soon!)
-Raven from Steampunk 2 Shape Set  

Other Supplies;
-Spray paints, aluminum and chrome
-Film Noir digital image
-Mini mirror
-Aleene's Clear Tacky Glue
-Pop Dot Adhesives white and clear
Jacquard Products
-PearlEx Silver, Macro Pearl, Micro Pearl, Gum Arabic
-ATG Adhesive
-Black Gesso
Eclectic Products
White Cardstock
Scrap chipboard


  1. WOW, great piece! You were so inspired to carry off a realistic trip to the 40's and 50's!