Friday, February 19, 2016

Red Dragon Tattoo Shop

Hey guys, Jess here! This week my project is chalk full of pictures of the Gypsy Wagon because I am just so stoked with how it came out. The wagon is new this year to GSLC along with the name change and I am THRILLED because I got to work on this beauty. 

Despite originally thinking it would be difficult to put together, it wasn't at all. With the help of fellow DT member, Nichola Battilana's video Gypsy Wagon Assembly Tutorial I had no troubles.
I created a red roof using the Shingle Strips from GSLC and layered them easily, painting them and then dry brushing various shades of red.

One side of the wagon features a sign that reads: Tattoos, Expert Work, You Must Be 18+ To Be Tattooed, We Are Cash Only.

The front bar is painted gold and a miniature lamp hangs out front, beckoning those seeking skin art.
 The front sign reads: Tattoos & Piercings. There are some letters that have been left on the stoop.

Possibly my favourite part of the entire shop is the small dragon shape from the Dragons Shape Set - you can see, of course, where the shop got it's name!

 The door handle is made from a lone chainmaille ring stolen from my husbands craft box.

 The outside is covered entirely in wooden stir sticks to add depth and texture.

 A chain hangs from the back of the wagon.

Red Dragon Tattoo Shop.

Materials and Supplies:

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts
-Gypsy Wagon 
-Dragons Shape Set
-Shingle Strips(coming soon!)
-Windows 4 Panel

-Wooden Coffee Stir Sticks
-Jewelry Chain
-Various paint shades and washes
-Miniature lantern
-Balsa wood


  1. Love it! I just bought the kit and can't wait to assemble!

  2. Love it! I just bought the kit and can't wait to assemble!

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