Friday, February 5, 2016

Whimsy Bed - Dollhouse 1:12 Scale

Jess here and this week I'm showing off my Whimsy Bed in dollhouse 1:12 scale. 1:12 scale (for those not in the know) is the most commonly used scale when building dollhouses.

I've built the bed out of easy-to-work-with balsa wood from my local hobby shop (I just get the big bags of random pieces and always seem to end up using everything in the bag for one project or another).

 The lovely ornate part of this little bed is what really sets it off - the Victorian Corners (2) from Gypsy Soul. I've used three out of four of the corners you'll get in your pack - one for the head and foot of the bed on the flat portion and then the third stands tall above the headboard. They're so easy to cut to shape if needed and fit wonderfully with the 1:12 scale.

The mattress is made from two pieces of foamcore (which you can get at the dollar store) stacked together and covered in a red striped material to simulate older mattress styles.

Then I used my Woodland Scenics Shaper sheet to make some bedding for my little Whimsy Bed.

All I've done is cut out a twin-bed sized piece to make my comforter and use my Uhu stick to glue some material to it.

Please check out Nichola's Gypsy Wagon on the blog today!

Materials and Supplies

Victorian Corners 2 (GSLC)
Balsa Wood
Red and White Pinstripe Material
Blue and White Material
Hot glue
PVA Glue
Uhu Stick Glue
Shaper Sheet from Woodland Scenics


  1. Love the striped material on the mattress! Such a cute project.

  2. I've been trying to find blue and white striped, but this was the closest I had on hand :)