Friday, February 12, 2016

Wagon Carts - 28mm Scale

Hey guys, it's Jess here and today I'm showing you a couple of wagons I made for Dungeons and Dragons scale. You can build these simply and using the 1 inch wheels from GSLC just makes these so completely easy to make.

The first wagon I made has no back and is made from wooden coffee stir sticks and various balsa wood bits from my random bag I got at the hobby store.

The cart is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand with room to spare.
The second wagon I made has a back on it so that the travelers belongings don't fall out the back. Here you can also see the wheels, painted white to give them a stark contrast from the wagon itself. All the rivets are rhinestones painstakingly applied and then painted silver.

You could build these wagons in any miniature scale with the wheels from GSLC. I personally like the fancy wheels because I'm a fancy pants, but the straighter wheels would work just fine, too!

Materials and Supplies

Wheels 1 inch Fancy from GSLC
Wooden Coffee Stir Sticks
Various Bits of Balsa Wood
Bamboo Skewer
Various Paint Colours
Hot glue, PVA Glue

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  1. Superb! The rivets look amazing! I love making miniatures with popsicle sticks and these are SO cool! I must get some of the GSLasercuts wheels!