Friday, February 26, 2016

Witch Hazels Wagon of Wares

Hey guys, Jess here and this week I'm bringing you a whole lot of magic in a very tiny project.

Inspired by the poetic story The Goblin Market, I set out to create a cart for a miniature magical being to sell her wares. I designed this cart with two shelves, to maximize the amount of goodies I could include.

I have a slight addiction to these shingle strips from GSLC, as you can see here. It's so much easier than cutting them out by hand, I can tell you! You'll also see the bits of moss that have "formed" on the roof.
 The last customer who didn't pay their bill, perhaps? And Witch Hazels scroll for keeping tabs on what she needs to order.

 This side of the cart is packed with a couple of books and a pile of spell scrolls. If you've got the coin or things worth trading, these spell scrolls are gleaming with magic.

The other side of the cart is stacked with books, grimoires, and ancient knowledge. Close-up of the books and the Victorian corners detailing. I swear you can use these corners for anything!

Werewolf fangs, bat breath and a miriad of other disgusting spell components and reagents line the top shelf of her cart.
"Glownuts" are acorns that shine bright as lights in the darkness. This witch has harnessed one of these hard to find beauties as a lantern for her cart. 

The back of the cart, showcasing yet again the lovely Victorian corners from GSLC.

Materials List:
Victorian Corners 1
Victorian Corners 2
Wheels 2 Inch Straight
Shingle Strips (Coming Soon!)
Acorn top
Glass bottles
Miniature books
Miniature scrolls
Wooden Coffee Stir Sticks
Matte board

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