Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kissing Reindeer Standing Dome by Betsy Skagen

Despite one politician's recent coffee cup hullabaloo, I am
over-the-moon delighted that the season has arrived to greet each other with
holiday greetings--whether it be Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas or Happy

As crafters, many of us have been making holiday items for
months, so if you are anything like me, Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope, you are
more than ready to share some holly jolly spirit.


Tutorial How to Make the Kissing Reindeer Standing Dome

As Gina's November 2015 Guest Designer, I chose this project
because the shape of Gina's Standing Dome Frame Oval reminded me of a piece of
furniture that used to stand in my grandmother's front hall. That, however, is
where the similarities end. A relatively stern woman, my grandmother would
never have had something so sparkly and frivolous in her possession.

Step 1: Paint fence, backdrop and base of Standing Dome
Frame Oval and the Moon String Along 
with gesso. Let dry. Do NOT paint the Flourished Deer with gesso as the
layers get too thick for the intricate cuts. Trust me on this, I know. If you
don't trust me, trust Gina because she had to drop everything and send me
another pair of reindeer when I messed up the first pair. Good thing she is so
efficient that she puts Santa's workshop to shame.


Step 2: Paint both sides of Flourished Deer, back drop and
base with a rich brown matte acrylic paint. Let dry.

Step 3: Paint both sides of moon with a matte yellow acrylic
paint. Let dry.

Step 4: Paint both sides of fence with a gloss red acrylic
paint. Let dry.


Step 5: Lightly coat one side of moon with Mod Podge and
cover with extra fine glitter. Let dry. Repeat on other side of moon.


Step 6: Adhere blue glitter foam sheet to front of backdrop.
Flip over and use a utility blade to carve out the oval.

Step 7: Using a strong adhesive, assemble the Standing Dome
Frame Oval (the backdrop, fence and base).

Step 8: I found it tricky to get the deer to adhere the deer
in a way that they stayed perfectly upright. I tried a few different solutions
and this was what worked best for me.

First, determine the placement of your deer and lightly mark
the location of their front and back hooves on the base with a pencil. Use
masking tape to temporarily adhere the deer in place.


Then find four long nails with large flat heads. Temporarily
place one nail upright against the back of a front deer leg and determine where
to pierce the base so that the nail best supports the deer leg. Mark this spot
on the base. Repeat this for a front and rear leg of each deer.

Remove the deer from the base. Use a hammer and pierce the
base where you marked with each nail. Flip the base over and insert the nails so
that the flat head is snug against the bottom of the base.


Return the base to its upright position and adhere the deer
hooves to the base with strong adhesive and adhere the deer legs to the nails
with narrow strips of brown or white duct tape.

Step 9: Determine the best height to hang the moon and cut
off the unneeded stem of chipboard. Adhere the stem to the back of the


Step 10: Add faux snow to the fence, base and reindeer legs.
Make snowdrifts to hide the nails. Let dry.

I hope you found inspiration in this tutorial. Don't forget
that in just a few days Gina's Lasercuts will become Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.
Happy Holidays! -Betsy

 Gina's Designs

Great stuff you will need

    Foam blue glitter


    Matte acrylic
paint in brown and yellow

    Red glass acrylic

    Four 3" nails
with flat heads

    Mod Podge

    Aleene's True Snow

    Extra fine glitter

    Beacon Fabri-Tac

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