Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Magic Memory Keeping Organizer by Dianna

Hi Everyone, Dianna here with Gina's Designs Memory Keeping Organizer turned Magic Card Holder.  I started out making this for myself and then after I finished my son said "Mom that is cool!  Love the way it looks and it will fit my Magic Cards!"  "Thanks Mom".  The same son then took it upstairs and filled it with his cards.  I had to steal it back for photos and got the look only teenagers will give you.  I gave it right back.  

I suggest doing a dry run assembly prior to gluing.  This way you know which piece goes where prior to the commitment of glue.  I used Beacon 3-n-1 to assemble the organizer because I had thought to use this as an example selling at crops with Gina but of course plans change.  If you are not planning to travel with your storage piece then Scotch Quick Dry works just fine.  After assembly, I spray painted the organizer bronze.    

I found way awesome tissue paper at Marshall's and have been saving it to paper my storage pieces.  I first traced each side of the box on the tissue paper then cut out the sections.  I used Beacon's Fast Drying Decoupage first on each section of the box and then on the back of the paper.  The great thing about tissue paper is that if you tear it, it becomes "distressed" and no one can tell that you did not tear it on purpose, which of course that was the look that I was going for.  

Thank you for looking!

Items Used

Gina's Designs

Other Items

Beacon's 3-n-1

Beacon's Fast Drying Decoupage

Tissue paper from Marshalls


  1. Very cool. I think I'll have to do one of these to organize my little bits!

  2. Thank you! I will have to make another one for me this time :)

  3. I always love organizers, and this one is awesome!!!