Friday, March 20, 2020

European Alley Book Nook

Hey, everyone! Connie here with a project that uses a brand new piece from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts – a GSL Book Nook Box Large .
The nook is very simple to assemble with tacky glue, it's basically an open front box. Since it's just 4 inches wide when assembled, I decorated all of the surfaces before gluing it together, starting with the walls. I chose some lovely muted Idea-Ology papers from Tim Holtz. 
For the street, I knew I wanted to play with one of the GSL Cobblestone stencils. Before using it, I sprayed both sides with spray shellac. I was very careful not to stencil over the assembly tabs so I blocked those with painter's tape. I also knew I would have a set of wooden stairs at the back of the alley so blocked off the spot those would be glued down as well. 
I used Tim Holtz Matte Texture Paste for the stones. This was my first time using both a stencil and texture paste and I found it super easy.
And satisfying! I just lifted the stencil and painter's tape off while the paste was still wet, ran the stencil under water and it's ready for my next cobblestone project.  I let this dry overnight then painted the stones.
The ceiling was covered with a neutral paper. The stairs were made from one inch wooden blocks and lengths of wooden dowels glued together. 
The GSL Windows with Shutters 1 to 24 come with shutters whose sections are easily assembled with tacky glue.
The GSL 4 Panel Door 1 to 24 is assembled in a similar fashion.  It also comes with a door jamb.
I painted the shutters in a mustard yellow and the window in an off white. I glued a piece of tissue paper behind the windows and added a corgi saying hi.
The GSL Planter Box with Trellis 1 to 24 assembled easily. I added a small section of dry foam to hold the tiny blossoms. I painted a few sections of GSL Laser Cut Miniature Ivy available over at Alpha Stamps.
So cute when everything is assembled!
Here are the wall sections finished and ready for assembly. I used a GSL Rustic Door 1 to 24 on this wall as well as a bit of the miniature ivy. The medallion is molded bit of paper clay. There is a kitty asleep in one of the GSL Decorative Windows 1 to 12 and some pretty banners hanging from them. The one on the right is the EU flag.
The back wall has two more of the 1 to 24 windows as well as a Balcony 1:24 Scale. Someone left a gift hanging from the doorknob, a bag of wine and bread.
The right wall got the corgi windows, trellis boxes and another one of the rustic doors.
Here's how I made those rustic doorknobs. I took paper fasteners and painted them with black nail polish. Once dry, I cut the fastener head off and glued it in place. 
The bag was sewn from a scrap of fabric. The handle is made from braided embroidery thread.
So cute, I can't wait to make another!
An action shot (can you tell we're farmers...)?  Thanks for stopping by.

GSL Products Used

Balcony 1:24 Scale

Other Supplies Used
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Tim Holtz Idea-Ology papers
Spray shellac
Painter's tape
Tim Holtz matte Texture Paste
Printed images
Dry foam
Plastic flowers
Miniature resin wine bottle
Fabric scrap
Embroidery thread


  1. So fun and dimensional I cannot wait to get mine and give it a go! You are a true inspiration.