Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Travel Tag

A fun, steampunk-ish travel tag. With our current circumstances in the world, perhaps travel from an armchair, or lost in a good book!

I began with Chipboard Decorative Tags - X large and the Shaped Edge Micro Mini Book.

I chose one of the tags and parts of the Micro mini book and configured it the way I thought would look nice.

I cut all my papers using the chipboard as templates and then put the parts of the album together using linen hinging tape.

I painted the backside of the book and all the tape that would show black.

 I glued all the papers on and then inked up the edges of the tag and book.

I then began composing what the inside of the piece looked like, letting the images from the papers I chose inspire me.

I added lots of little details like Dresden trim and some paint and ribbon.

I glued a matching ribbon around the back and tied it neatly in a bow around the front. to hold the book together. I also added a pretty green velvet ribbon to the top for hanging.
Also: I used the Punch Elements Deco Tags and the Tudor Rose SIngles to create the compass at the top of the tag.

Thank you for stopping by!

Chipboard Decorative Tags - X large
Shaped Edge Micro Mini Book
Tudor Rose Singles
Punch Elements - Deco

Dresden Trim
Acrylic paint
Gold stamping ink
Stamperia Voyages Fantastique

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  1. I love the layers super sweet! Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe a leprechaun can save us now!