Saturday, March 21, 2020

World's Most Photogenic

Happy Saturday, everyone! Were you aware Australia's quokka is considered both the happiest and most photogenic animal on the planet? They always seem to have a smile on their face. This little project started with one of my favorite pieces to play with - a GSL ATC Shrine with Feet
The shrine is easily assembled using a bit of tacky glue. I used two different papers for the little room's wallpaper (from Lost & Found Blush and Kaiser Gypsy Sisters collections), a coffee stir stick for the chair railing and a small mirror for the little guy to check his award winning smile.
I started by painting the front edges of the shrine with off white acrylic paint. I also painted the corners of the room where the lighter paper was going just to make sure the seams didn't show. 
The wallpaper was glued in place and the chair railing stir stick was painted in the same off white.
For the tiny picture frames, I selected some of the GSL Whimsy Doors & Windows available over at RubberMoon.  They were painted in a dark brown.
They were used to frame adorable quokka pictures. Since I wanted the mirror placed on an angle in the shrine I needed a triangular support. This was accomplished using black polymer clay. If you don't have something you need for a project, improvise!
Of course this little quokka will need to have a few 'most photogenic' trophies. I searched through my stash and assembled a few from beads, pins, small wooden blocks and stars. The tiny Time Person of the Year magazine cracks me up! 

The quokka was a surprise from my husband. He went to Tractor Supply to get chicken feed and came home with this little Schleich figure. He really knows me!
 Thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

Other Supplies Used
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Schleich quokka figure
Lost & Found Blush paper
Kaiser Gypsy Sisters paper
Coffee stir stick
Small mirror
Polymer clay
Printed images
Small wooden blocks


  1. This made me laugh. Thank you. Love the techniques always. You have been busy two projects in two days!!

  2. Thank you! It cracked me up the entire time I was making it.