Friday, March 13, 2020

Enchanted Forest Castle

Enchanted Garden Interactive Mini-Album

Magic dragons and castles await your pleasure in this renaissance-themed album worthy of little Jackie Piper, tiny queens, and princes. Created using #Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Fairytale Castle Mini Album and Graphic 45’s Enchanted Garden Collection, the finished album measures 8 3/4" x 8".

Behind double doors locked with an antiqued brass latch. You’ll find waterfall tags secured by satin ribbons, secret compartments holding tags, and windows lit by gold. Brass fittings and highly detailed papers reminiscent of medieval tapestries take you on a magical journey. Each castle-shaped page brings you further inside the castle’s walls to reveal the enchanted garden of your most treasured memories.

The book box is made from black chipboard and has two spines that fold in, making the divided front cover.

After adhering the black diamond cardstock papers to each side of the front chipboard, the signature page of the Enchanted Forest, is cut as shown here and re-positioned on the cover.

Use a pencil to mark the holes for the brads.  Use a small hole punch – the Crop-o-dile is too big.
The right side of the closure should line up with the center edge. Adjust the left side so the covers don’t overlap. Attach the dragon charms as shown.

Cover the back with the gemstone paper and then adhere the dragon from the #Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Dragon Shape Set.

Adhere the red paper to the front left inside cover and add the decorative chipboard.

Adhere the same paper to the back inside of the album. Make a pocket and adhere to the bottom of the page as shown.

Cover the right inside back of the album with the same red paper and make a waterfall using the small journaling cards from the collection. Put a 1/8" satin ribbon on the page before attaching the waterfall.  Tie the ribbon and add the decorative chipboard as shown.

  • The hinge system is a modified "stack the deck" concept. 
  • Cut three pieces of black cardstock 7 1/4 inches long. 
  • The first piece should be cut 1 3/4 inch wide, scored at 3/4 inch on each side leaving 1/4 inch in the middle.  
  • The second piece should be cut 2 1/4 inch wide, scored 3/4 inch on each side leaving 3/4  inch in the middle. 
  • The third piece should be cut 2 3/4 wide, scored 3/4 inch on each side leaving 1 1/4 inch in the middle. 
  • The three pieces should be aligned in the middle and adhered together. Use a bone folder to crease each "fin" toward the center. 
  • Clip each fin the size of each page.

Adhere the hinge system to the left spine – it should just fit the width of the spine and should be about ¼” from the bottom of the cover.

At this point you can add the pages and then embellish them, or embellish and then add.

Put gold cardstock behind the windows before adhereing them to the pages.

Page 1 Front

Page 1 Back

Page 2 Front

Page 2 Back

Page 3 Front

Page 3 Back

Page 4 Front

Page 4 Back

Page 5 Front

Page 5 Back

Page 6 Front

Page 6 Back

The page side opposite the hinge is left open so a tag can be added. 

Each page has two sided pockets. The printed paper sides of the tags are face-to-face in the pocket. The black cardstock and the printed paper are the same size.  Tape them together.  Both are scored at one end. Use a bone folder and make sure there is a really good crease.  Add chipboard embellishments.

Between pages 3 and 4

Between pages 5 and 6

Between pages 7 and 8

Between page 9 and 10

Between pages 11 and 12

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