Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Signs of Spring-A Peek-a-Boo-Project

I’ve always loved forcing crocus bulbs in the dead of winter making springtime come just a little bit earlier in the dead of winter. This is the inspiration for this instillation.
1.  Choose the center portion of the GSLC 8 Inch Arch Top Triptych and the side portions of the Arch Top Triptychs.  
2.  Use Wow Embossing Ink Pad and Embossing Powders in Shades of Green to layer onto the frame portion of the GSLC Triptych pieces until you have a pleasing effect. Curing with a heat tool between each layer.
3.  Use Distress Stains in Shades of Green, Distress Oxide Spray in Shades of Green to randomly color the GSLC Fern Fronds, spritzing with water in between layers.

4.  Fussy Cut Crocus Images you found in Magazines.
5.  Gently distress Crocus Images using Sandpaper Blocks.
6.  Use a small plastic spatula to splatter and texture back portion of GSLC Triptychs using, Ferro Blackberry Texture Paint, and Acrylic Paint- in shades of Brown, Purple, and Green.
7.  Use Weldbond to glue down Crocus Images and GSLC Fern Fronds.
8.  Glue the GSLC 
Triptychs together and secure with metal clamps.
9.  Once Dry use a Silicon Basting Brush to paint the back part of the GSCL Triptychs.
10.                Once Dry attach GSLC Triptychs together using small metal hinges and micro screws.

11.                Gently drizzle DecoArt Triple Thick Glaze and One Step Crackle Medium onto the fronts of the combined GSLC Triptychs.

 Some Final Thoughts.
The crocus symbolizes Cheerfulness and Gladness, a perfect flower to bring into your home during wintertide when these emotions can be hard to come by.

Spring Flowers ~ Crocus - Poem by Mary Havran
Crocus flowers daring tiny warriors
Fighting their way up through
The winter ice
Crocus darling early Spring harbingers
Promising days will soon
Be turning nice

Tiny Crocus flowers grow in close groups
Strength in numbers seeking
Where winter snows still may lie
Encircled encampment of floral troupes
“We march onward to spring”
They raise this brave battle cry

Bold strength contained in Crocus so small
Should winter challenge again
They simply refuse to die
Delicate blossoms possess such wherewithal
I cannot help but wonder then
Should not likewise you and I.



Supplies:  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Arch Top Triptych 8 InchGypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Triptych Arch TopGypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Fern Fronds, Magazine Pictures of Crocuses, Embossing Powders in Shades of Green,  Wow Embossing Ink Pad, Heating Tool, Distress Stains in Shades of Green, Distress Oxide Spray in Shades of Green, Mister of Water, Scissors, Sandpaper Blocks, Ferro Blackberry Texture Paint, Plastic Spatula, Acrylic Paint- in shades of Brown, Purple, and Green, Weldbond, metal Clamps, Silicon Basting Brush, Small  Metal Hinges, Small Micro Screws, Screwdriver, DecoArt Triple Thick Glaze and One Step Crackle Medium
I cannot wait to see your interpretation of this project. Share it on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Craft Group Page on Facebook. I would love to see what new creations you are working on!

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