Tuesday, July 16, 2019

New Specimen Box with....specimens

I love this new 6x4 Specimen Box! 
It's a great size and you can choose to put in as many of the inserts as you choose. Nice, flexible design.
 In my bug specimens theme, I chose to leave out the insert on the far right, so I could place some bigger critters in there.
Here's where I started:
I assembled the box frame and painted the sides (on the inside only), the top front edges and the inserts.
I cut paper to fit the inside back and all of the outside of the box. I glued in the papers ...
fitted and glued in the inserts, let them dry and then gave the whole thing a coat of matte medium and then a coat of Quinac gold, wiping most of it away with a damp paper towel, but leaving the 'goo' in the cracks and crannies to give the box an aged looked.
I also painted the Layered Flouishes Aria and assembled them for adding to the box later.
I then fussy cut my insects with a scalpel, glued them each on a tiny cork (you can get them HERE) and then glued them into the box.
After that was dry, I glued the flourishes on to the front of the box, added a few tiny brass stamped flowers et voila! A pretty little specimen box.
A fun project and most enjoyable.
6x4 Specimen Box
Layered Flouishes Aria
Faux Metal Number Plates

Stamperia 'Spring Botanic' scrapbook papers
Acrylic paints
Stamped brass flowers

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  1. This is right up my alley. The insects are so realistic great job with the scalpel it like doing a dissection in Biology lab but with only the pretty left behind!! Gorgeous

  2. This makes my heart skip a beat. Fabulous job my friend!

  3. omg this is so freaking amazing. I am in love. I love how it combines bugs with elegant flourishes. You once again make amazing art.

  4. It might be a strange thing to say about bugs, but this is very beautiful and "pretty". I would totally hang this up in my house. It looks fantastic, and I love the colours especially.