Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Lady In Red

Hello crafty friends!  It's Susan on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts blog, here to show another project in my occasional Pin-Up series. 

I've been hoarding these 3x5 music cards for years, waiting for the right projects to come along.  "The Lady in Red" is from a 1935 movie musical called "In Caliente". 

Oh! The lady in red
The fellows are crazy for the lady in red
She's a bit gaudy, but lawdy what a personality!

For her stage, I used the Arch Top Cabinet w/Doors, but set the doors aside for a future project.

I glued all pieces except the front together, cleaned up squished glue with a damp Q-Tip and held it together tightly until the glue set.  This can be done with hands, big rubber bands, or clamps if you have 'em.  I used my hands and kept rotating to check that all the joints were snug.

For the front, I outlined the shape on the paper and used a combination of paper cutter, scissors, and straight edge (disposable scalpels are great for this - Amazon.com) to cut it out.  Mod Podge to adhere to the chipboard and set it aside to dry.

I've been putting assorted weights at the bases of my projects lately.  I set up a table at our weekly market and every single week it's been windy.  My defense is weighted bases, darnit!  I have a big bag o' washers from the secondhand store and glued 4 in with E-6000.  I made a false bottom to cover the washers.  Perfect!

I got a little carried sway and didn't take as many in-progress photos as usual.  Here are a few steps I want to tell you.

I painted the base outside and top with a couple coats of black gesso; all the places that wouldn't have paper covering.  I used Mod Podge to attach all papers, allowed to dry, then sanded all the edges.  I  touched up with black gesso as needed, including all the sanded paper edges.  As you can see, I don't try to be neat with the edges.  Once everything was assembled I coated the outside with matte varnish.

The 3x5 music card and the pin-up girl have many layers of chipboard attached to the backs to raise them off the back wall.  I used a scrap of black tulle behind the card, and added small brass stars on the walls.

Oh! The lady in red
Is fresh as a daisy 
When the town is in bed.
Dancing and dining 
And shining with originality.

She's very proper;
She's nothing more than a pal.
But oh me! and oh my! 
You'd never stop her,
She'd be a dangerous gal
If she should ever meet the right guy.

Oh! The lady in red
Is she a study,
Oh! buddy what a personality
She's got vitality

Say! have you ever met
The girl who's the talk of the town?
A work of art without a question
You'd better write her number down.

Lyrics by Mort Dixon, 1935.

Thanks for your visit today! 

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used
Arch Top Cabinet with Doors #D11B

Other Supplies Used
Mod Podge
Vintage 3x5 music card (print date 1943)
Pin-Up Girl image
Black netting
Black tulle
Brass stars
Dresden trim
Graphic 45 Communique papers
Black gesso
Metal washers
Aleene's tacky glue
Chipboard scraps
Matte varnish


  1. She is everything i imagines her to be and more. Great idea for the weighted base brilliant, the lyrics are fantastic. You should do more pin up projects as I can tell they bring you extreme joy!!

  2. This is beautiful, using washers to add weight to your project is genius! Thanks for sharing.

  3. haha she is great. "lawdy what a personality" I will need to check this movie out. Love this cabinet and those washers are a great idea too.