Saturday, July 6, 2019

Step Right Up by Betsy Skagen

Ladies and gents, step right up because this week we are taking a shine to circus. 

I mean that literally, since my project today features different shiny surfaces that you can apply to circus trading coins. 
Each of  these circus trading coin features a different shiny surface: fine glitter, chunky glitter, distressed glitter, red metallic flakes or silver metallic flakes.
You can use these as trading coins, ornaments or as package tags.
Begin by covering both the front and back sides of the Artist Trading Coin with decorative paper.
Ink the edges of the coin with brown ink. Punch a hole in the trading coin, add an eyelet and thread baker's string through the eyelet.

Punch out the Circus Trading Coin Covers and the hat from the Alice Trading Coin Covers and cover with gesso.
Spread a thin coat of glue on the cover and add glitter or metal flakes. When dry, add foam adhesive to the back of the covers and adhere to the coins.

Great Stuff

Artist Trading Coin
Circus Trading Coin Covers
Alice Trading Coin Covers
Glitter, fine, chunky and distressed
Metallic leaf
Brown ink
Baker's twine
Hole punch
Foam adhesive


  1. These are wonderful I’m noticing you love the circus theme. Nice to have a cohesive collection of a particular theme. Great job!!!

  2. These are great, love the circus theme, and adding the Mad Hatter's hat is a great idea.