Wednesday, July 3, 2019

yankee doodle daisy

The fourth of July is such an important day for this country. We gather together to celebrate the United States of America's independence as a nation.
Today I am sharing a patriotic piece that I created for the holiday. I love the Blue Daisy Character Constructions stamps from Catherine Moore. They have a wonderful American vibe that works so well with red, white and blue. Transforming them into my patriotic girls was so much fun!
I begin with two Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts art doll nichos. Each arrives in three pieces, the body, the niche (which requires a simple assembly), and a circle head piece. Whenever I create a project, I like to ensure that both the front and back are finished. For this project the backs of the art doll nichos will be painted black. The first step is to crease and fold the tabs of the niche, then add a dab of glue on each flap and secure to create the 3D form. I paint the back sides of the body forms, heads, and assembled niches with black paint and set aside to dry.
While the paint is drying, I select the stamps to use for the girl's clothing. The art doll body is slightly wider than the dress stamp I will be using. To accommodate the extra width, I stamp a blank piece of cardstock, cut out the image, and then slice it down the middle. I use these two sides to determine the extra width I will need to fit, then use this as a template for the dresses.
I trace my template onto the patterned paper and fussy cut the dress. When the extra-wide dress is cut out, I ink up one half of the stamp and cover the opposite side of the dress with a mask, then stamp the left side of the patterned dress. I allow the ink to dry and then repeat the process on the right side of the dress. The middle collar section is stamped by masking each edge and only inking the horizontal trim section of the stamp.
When the dress stamping is complete, I add trims and embellishments with glue, then set aside to dry. I cut coordinating patterned papers to fit inside the niche. These papers are adhered with Scor-tape.
The next step is stamping and coloring the dolls heads, arms and legs. I use a variety of markers, including Copics, Distress, Sharpies, and Gelly Roll pens. I then add a red rhinestone brad from  Emerald Creek to each girl's hat. Before attaching all of the pieces together, I want to complete the niche interiors. It is much easier to work this compartment before it has been secured to the body.
I die cut a mini paper rosette for each niche with coordinating papers. Each rosette is hung from a piece of craft thread. I poke a hole into the top flat portion of the niche, pass the thread through the hole, and tie a knot on the outside. Small die cut stars are scattered and glued to the niche walls and back. Once each niche is complete, it is attached to the back side of the body form. The appendages and clothing are then attached to the front of the body. The stamped and colored head is attached to the chipboard head piece and then attached to the front side of the neck portion of the body.
Each Daisy is waving a flag and holding the end of a banner strung between them which reads INDEPENDENCE to commemorate the fourth of July holiday.
 I have so may ideas for these art doll nichos. They can be used with doll stamps, as I have, with collage papers and paper cuts; or even with images found in magazines.
 If you like to play with dolls, the art doll nicho is a great base to start with.
Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it.
 Wishing you a happy Independence Day, if you celebrate.

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts used:
 Art Doll Nicho


  1. They are adorable and so antique and nostalgic that they could have played with by Betsy Ross or any of my grandmothers. Really beautiful and authentic. Happy Independence Day

  2. Fantastic home decor project to celebrate July 4th.