Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Great British Bake Off in Miniature

Happy Saturday, everyone! One of my favorite TV shows to have on while I'm crafting is the Great British Bake-Off.  Each week the amateur contestants compete in signature, technical and showstopper challenges. Throughout each season they bake bread, cakes, pastries and biscuits hoping to receive the coveted glass cake stand trophy and be named Britain's best baker. The show is taped in a lovely tent on an English country estate and is outfitted with colorful contestant work stations, one of which I have recreated in miniature.
I started with a GSL Bookcase 1 to 12, easily assembled with tacky glue. 
The back of the bookcase serves as the front of the work station. Since the originals have a decorative wood detail, I recreated that using coffee stir sticks. 
I really like how this detail came out!
I chose a soft green paint for the piece and added two pieces of balsa wood painted black and cut to fit the openings. These are going to be the work station's ovens. Since they are decorative only, I topped them with a tongue depressor cut to fit. These serve as shelves on top of the ovens.
For the top of the work station, I used a length of balsa wood. Because it was about ¼ inch too short, I pieced it with another small slice of balsa. Each station has a glass cook top. I recreated this by painting a square of scrap chipboard black.
Here it is all assembled. I cut up a copper plated cocktail pick to use as oven handles.
Now on to the bakes!  I used a GSL Tiny Tray with Handles to hold one of them. It's available over at Alpha Stamps.
I painted the tray in an off white and made some molded paper clay bread loaves that were painted then 'toasted' with a light coating of pastel chalk. Those were nestled on a tiny square of gingham.
My next project was to make small layered lemon traybake slices out of polymer clay. Those were frosted with white paint then dipped into micro fine glitter 'sugar' and topped with a poly clay lemon slice. They were then displayed on a metal filigree jewelry connector. 
For the piece's showstopper, I was inspired to recreate Nadiya's marzipan covered peacock cake from season 6 in polymer clay.
Here is everything assembled and ready for judging, complete with miniature plates and forks.
 Thanks for stopping by!
GSL Products Used

Other Products Used
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Pastel chalks
Microfine glitter
Metal filigree jewelry connector
Copper plated cocktail pick
Coffee stir sticks
Tongue depressor
Balsa wood
Paper clay
Polymer clay
Polymer clay cane
Miniature plates and forks


  1. Always Ana big I fo not know how you create on such a small scale but it is wonderful

  2. Awww....this is so adorable! Love the glitter on the lemon slices, too ♥

  3. Oh I remember the peacock cake! This is amazing, so much detail in such a tiny scale - those lemon slices! Love it so much. Sometimes I consider applying for the show as I like baking but I never do lol.