Saturday, April 29, 2017

My Secret Garden

I love Spring and I love flowers, so I decided to make a garden with a dimensional card and loads of flowers from GSLCuts.

I started off by making the card up so that I could decide where to place everything.

 Then chose what I wanted to use on the card, I have already gessoed all the "ingredients"

I had this sheet of floral and butterfly paper in my stash which I decided was just the right colours for the background on my card, so covered both sides and the front of the folded parts of the card.

This lovely arch is just the right thing to put on the front of the card so that you look through into the garden. I gessoed it then coloured it with silver  gilding polish, after which I coloured all the leaves with green, I used undiluted water colour paint for this.

Then it was just a case of where to put everything, I started with the bridge and stuck that to the back of the card. Still at the back but in front of the bridge at either side I used Daisies on the left and Yarrow on the right with their leaves joining in the middle.

The row in front I used a small leafy tree on the right and buds from the Queen Anne lace on the left, the bench in the middle is a die that I had in my stash, and the butterfly is one from a set.

The first row is made up of Queen Anne's Lace and long stemmed rose, but I used the flower rather than the stem.

Which brings me to the front: I had to have a watering can for all those flowers, so I cut one out on my silhouette machine, I die cut some leaves and intertwined those up the side and on the top, then added some flowers from my stash and some butterflies and dragonflies in among the leaves.

I had one small space left at the bottom of the front so decided that whoever looked after this garden had to have some transport, so cut a bicycle out from one of my dies.

I must say here that the bicycle and the bench could have also come from GSL cuts but unfortunately I  decided to add these after I had started, so I hadn't ordered them, but have given you the links so that you can remember.

This card looks very "busy" but it really is very easy to make, so why not have a go and see what sort of garden you can invent, you don't have to use the same flowers or archway because GSLcuts has loads more, so have a look and see what you can do.

GSL cuts items:
Archway chipboard shape
leafy tree small
Queen Anne's lace
longstem rose
butterflies and dragonflies 

Other items used:  
white card
patterned card
Creative expressions gilding polish
undiluted water colour paint
Leaf die

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