Friday, April 14, 2017

Grizelda's Cabinet of Memories

Hey guys, welcome back - Jess here again after being sick most of last month. Seems I spent most of the winter sick this year, so hopefully with spring finally here I'll be able to get out of the house and down to the lake with my daughter for some play time. Now, on to the crafting! This week, I worked on the Arch Top Cabinet  and hid a bunch of things inside, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I started by putting together the first part of the cabinet, but didn't glue on the outer portion - instead, I cut some strips of basswood to act as shelving within the cabinet. I didn't have scraps that were all the same thickness, so the top shelf ended up being thicker, but I think in the end it looks like I meant to do it all along.

Once all the glue is dry, I painted the inside black (though any dark colour would have worked for the effect I'm trying to accomplish) - and then I glued on the outer fancy pants layer, and painted the entire cabinet black. 

Then I covered the cabinet in a layer of white PVA glue (yes, the whole thing - even the doors, inside, outside - everywhere). I worked in parts, so that it wouldn't dry before I could continue - and I painted my chosen colour (white) over the top immediately. Shhh - this is top secret. You'll never have to buy a crackle medium or special crackle paint again. You just made your own. Boom! As it dries, you'll watch it crackle before your eyes.

Once that's all dry, I hot glued the doors onto the main cabinet.

But I'm always a stickler for those small details and something was bugging me...

So I grabbed some copper wire, that I totally didn't steal from my husband.

And I snipped off four pieces, which became faux hinges in my doors.

I made a little stand out of pink insulation foam and balsa wood.

Added a Victorian embellishment and it was time to start stuffing it with fun things! If you make one, you can stuff yours with anything you like - I made mine a little witchy-themed, as I often do. Check out the completed photos below:

GSLC Materials

Crafty Goblin Materials

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  1. This is awesome and I LOVE your crackle finish! I will totally try this when I run out of crackle medium!