Friday, April 28, 2017

Madam Zorba's Gypsy Table

Hey crafters, welcome back - Jess here to show you another miniature project with GSLC products. This week I'm showing you how to make a platform and a tablecloth to put on the table and chairs set from GSLC.

To begin with, I cut off a piece of pink insulation foam (I get mine from Home Depot). I'm using 1 inch thick foam. Then I glue on 1 inch high balsa wood to cover up the foam. The balsa is super easy to sand down and cut to shape.

I've base painted my table and chairs set black here and fit them on the base to make sure everything will fit alright in the end - looks like we're good to go.

Using the top of the table as an idea - I found a lid and traced it onto a completely dried out baby wipe. You can see here about how much larger you'll need to make the circle compared to the table. Using scissors, cut the circle as neatly as possible.

This is a simple picture for a finicky part. I hot glued the top of the table cloth down - that's easy enough. Then comes a "pinch and fold" technique - I do 4 points first (like a crosshair), and then in between those. So, pinch, fold over and hot glue to hold it.

Then paint the whole top and undercoat black. It takes a while to dry because it sucks up the paint so well.

I added my own colour scheme to the table cloth - a shimmering green, and I dry brushed the chairs with a dark green as well. And I painted the base they sit on with shades of black and grey. Then you just have to add your own decorations to the scene. For mine, I added gypsy decorations, for Madam Zorba - check out the finished project below!

The entire view.

Other side.

Some occult books and a candle set.

A tarot card reading set up.

Ouija board set up and some money that's been made for seances.

Another stack of occult books

Of course more books!

GSLC Materials

The Crafty Goblin Materials

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