Monday, January 30, 2017

Business Card Holder

 Hello everyone.  Gina here and today I am sharing a business card holder I made for my daughter in law, who recently opened her own business.
 I began by laying out my pieces and doing a dry assembly.  I decided which of my paper pieces would need slots cut and which would not.  I traced my pieces on the patterned paper (I used Authentique's Elegant Three). Remember that you do NOT want to cover the tabs on the pieces so all of the sides and bottom pieces will be cut as simple rectangles.
 After cutting out my paper I moved to the paint stage. Only the edges of the pieces were going to show so I used an acrylic paint pen to paint these.  The raw edge soaks up the paint and it does take two coats for a smooth well covered finish.
 Next I applied the paper to the inside of the ends of the holder.  These are the pieces that I cut the slot holes in.  I used Scotch Quick Dry adhesive (in the fine line applicator).
 I assembled the business card holder using the same adhesive.
 I applied the paper to the inside of the holder.
 And finally to the outside of the holder.
 For some added decoration I used a frame from the Postage Frames set
 and a corner from the Victorian Corners 2 set.
 I colored these black using a Sharpie marker and sealed them with a coat of Diamond Stickles (who doesn't need a little sparkle on their desk??).
I printed a family photo for the top frame and used another piece of the patterned paper to fill the lower frame.  I attached the frame to the back of the holder and the corner to the front of the holder, adding a punched piece of paper for layering. 

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