Friday, January 27, 2017

Horror Diorama - A serial Killers House

Ed Geins House
Horror Diorama

Welcome back to part two of the horror diorama. I'm going to start off by showing you how I finished the tombstone and then you'll get to see all the finale pictures of the whole diorama.

Ed Gein was a serial killer and grave robber active in the 1950's. His horrifying work inspired many Hollywood movies (Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence Of the Lambs).

I painted the tombstone in a base coat of burnt umber.

And then dry brushed white over top once it was dry.

I added some green flock for a mossy look.

And some dollar store moss for an extra mossy look. And now onto the finale!

Full view of front of Ed Geins house

Side view of Ed Geins house.

Top - down view of the house.

Atop the dresser sits some morbid creations. 

My personal favourite, is Ed Geins skull-bowl. A bowl he made out of a human skull. A spoon is added because bowls need spoons. Ed really did make one of these.

A book on bones and grave digging, open to handy pages with illustrations.

A beautiful bone-bouquet. He was clearly thinking of his mother when he made this. 

His floor is scattered with grave digging work.

A tombstone leans against the wall - a nod to both his grave digging hobby and the fact the Ed himself no longer has a headstone because people kept stealing pieces of it.

Tacked to the wall is one of the newspaper articles released when Ed Gein was arrested.

A picture of the notorious Ed Gein himself, framed on the wall.

Ed was a notorious mama's boy. He was obsessed with his mother (which is why it inspired Psycho).

All of the available pictures of Ed's house were taken in the winter - it was soon after burned down. So I added some "snow" to the roof for good measure.

A shovel, a boot covered in dirt, some more dirt, and bones.

The front of the dresser with bone handles.

An antique clock on the wall for an added punch.


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  1. Oh wow! This turned out so awesome!! Love all the fabulous morbid little details! :)