Friday, January 6, 2017

Pins for Every Type of Valentine

The plan was to create an organization project.

But I don't feel much like organizing. I'd rather get romantical and look ahead to Valentine's Day.

So I came up with a slew of simply made pins to suit every Valentine.

I've used a variety of Punchelements for the bases. Not too long ago I scored a 1" round punch at the craft store so making these was super simple. Paint the base, add sparkle, add image/sentiment, embellish and finish off with a pin back!

I've made them to suit just about every Valentine. There's pink and sparkly for the romantic.

And something glittery and red for the saucy types. There's a "Go Away" pin for those who would rather be left alone.

And "I am crazy" for my buddy who says this is the reason she is single.

Want to make your own? You can download a sheet of the saucy and silly, nice and naughty sentiments below.

If you need a little more direction the video tutorial for creating these wee thing-a-ma-bobs can be found HERE.


Punchelements 1 inch Scalloped

Acrylic Paint
Pin Backs

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