Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Love Mail

Middle of Winter and I am dreaming of chocolates, vivid shades of red, and all things lovey dovey.  If I can't have them....I can at least create them, right?

I started out with the mini display tray heart .  I painted the top piece red.

From here I cut a piece of paper to fit behind the top piece and adhered the two together.

I then wound ribbon through the top to hang it from.

and tied my big chunky bows on both sides of the heart.

 Start adding your my case I added the filigree frames that I covered in red glitter. I added my sweet main retro image of the little boy and dog.

From here I started adding cute embellishments and my sentiment faux typewriter keys that spell out love.

Here they are all spelled out.  Did you know you can ask Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts to create any word you would like?  How fun is that???

 I also glittered up some gorgeous feathery flourish set pieces. I added two layered at bottom of love.

Thanks for visiting the Gypsy Soul Laser blog!  Cherry

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  1. Cherry, this is adorable! I'm in love with it and I love chocolate and red too!