Monday, January 23, 2017

Everybody Needs a "Stuff Holder"

Hey all! I've tackled a new storage piece in my quest for a perfectly organized scraproom. Hubby asked what I was planning to put in it, and my response was, "stuff!" There are alphabet sheets in the paper pack so I decided to cut some out and officially christen this piece my stuff holder:

Here's a photo of the "naked" Memory Keeping Organizer. I like to put all 3D things together before I take them apart again so I see where everything fits.

I painted all the pieces light pink, and then I covered the outer pieces with patterned paper from this pad; as you can see I got a great deal on it!!

I just laid the pieces on the paper and traced around them, as the side pieces are irregularly shaped (and I don't  much like measuring anyway!) I sanded the edges lightly to smooth away and paper bits left over.

As you can see, I added bits and strips from some of the other papers, and I did this on the inside squares as well; there were chevrons, checks and floral patterns as well as the ones with tiny type, so I mixed and matched colours and patterns for a cheery look.

The honeycomb pattern was perfect for the bottom; I chose to cut out each square separately rather than having to cut the slots out of the paper where the vertical pieces fit.into the base.

I glued pearl along the top edge of all the pieces with a hot glue gun; using adhesive pearls with the flat bottoms would probably be easier, but I happen to have several strands of these in a variety of colours (pearl spaghetti, anyone?)

The sets of file dividers are wonderful; the larger compartments in the organizer just happen to fit 4" x 6" photos! These are perfect for the photos I'm planning to scrap soon, and it's a lot easier to look through 3 sections labeled by topic than a huge storage box!! The smaller file dividers I plan to use for diecuts, again divided by topic.

I had lots of fun putting this together, and even more fun putting my "stuff" in all of the compartments! I no longer have a ton of "miscellaneous  embellishments" piled in a drawer where they were a nightmare to look through-they're so much easier to see now and I will be much more likely to actually use these embellishments because I will see them and remember I have them. Treat yourself to one of these awesome organizers and you'll be glad you did!

Memory Keeping Organizer


DCWV Vintage Collector Stack
pink acrylic paint
pearl strand
hot glue gun


  1. Love your stuff holder, Lynne! So cute now go fill it up with stuff! :)

    1. Thanks Sandy-you'd better believe it didn't take me long to fill it with "stuff!"