Thursday, January 12, 2017

Glistening Wintertime Tag

Happy New Year everyone!  Barbara here today with an altered Super X Tag to share.  It is about 18º here with snow still on the ground.  I love how the snow glistens in the light, and how nighttime is never really dark on a snowy night.  In light of the weather, I am feeling quite cozy inside my warm home, all the while being attracted to the beauty and wonder outside, which brings me to the theme of my tag today.  I say "Let it Snow"!

                                                           Front                                                   Back

Cover both sides of the tag with print paper.  Remember to cut out the hole in the tag before covering the opposite side.  I find it easier to cut larger holes like this out by first cutting an "X" into the paper, then I can easily cut the sections out for a much cleaner cut.

After adhering the paper to the opposite side and cutting out the hole again, I like to sand the edges with a sanding tool.  A metal file (or emery board) works nicely for filing paper around the inside of the hole.

These are the chipboard pieces I have chosen for the first side.  I always do a dry fit to see how everything will look, and it is a good idea to take a picture to refer to later.

I have found that a sponge dabber like the one in the photo works really well for applying a coat of white gesso to seal the chipboard pieces.  Why, you might ask?  Because it does not plug up the intricate laser cuts like a brush does.

Each piece was painted with DecoArt Media fluid acrylics by mixing the colors, as noted below.  

  • Let It Snow
    • Primary Magenta + Titan Buff, Iridescent Gold top coat
    • Snowflake - Titanium White, Interference Gold top coat
  • Snowflakes
    • Titanium White, Interference Gold, Interference Gold top coat
    • Lightly dab on Bo Bunny Frost Glitter Paste
  • Icicles
    • Bo Bunny Sugar Pearlescent Paint, add wash of Phthalo Turquoise + water
  • Skates 
    • Titanium White 
    • Wash of Burnt Umber side loaded onto brush to shade the skate flaps,  
    • Holes piereced and brown thread laced through holes
    • Sole and heel - Metallic Silver
    • Runners - Metallic Silver
These are the pieces I chose for the second side of the tag.  

Again, the pieces were sealed with a coat of white gesso, and two pieces of the pink print paper were cut out, as shown.  The zig zag cut piece was used along the side of the tag to bring the pink color in to match the ornament background.

Each piece was painted with DecoArt Media fluid acrylics by mixing the colors, as noted below. 

  • Peace Ornament 
    • Primary Magenta + Titan Buff
    • Phthalo Green-Yellow + Titan Buff (holly leaves)
    • Primary Magenta (tiny berries)
    • Metallic Gold - ornament cap, and dry brushed over tiny flourishes
    • Interference Gold top coat
  • Pine Trees
    • Phthalo Green-Yellow + Titan Buff
    • Burnt Umber (tree trunk)
    • Interference Gold top coat
    • Distress Ink - Salty Ocean over all and around edges
  • Holly Leaves and Berries
    • Phthalo Green-Yellow + Titan Buff
    • Primary Magenta
  • Icicles
    • Bo Bunny Sugar Pearlescent Paint, add wash of Phthalo Turquoise + water
A piece of print paper was adhered beneath the ornament and the excess paper trimmed away.

I like to save the bits of chipboard that fall out from the laser cuts to use for lifting some of my pieces, when needed.  Since I was layering the trees, I added bits of the fall out pieces, as shown in the photo below.  This way, I know that the height is exactly the same.  If I used pop dots, for instance, they may sit higher than the chipboard and make the piece sit unevenly.  

And a few closeups for you here.

And here is a close-up of how I hung the skates from the letter "I" in "It".  It is hard to see in the photo because thread was the only thing that would go through those tiny holes in these tiny skates, but I think you can see it well enough.  

Lastly, snowflake paste was added to the tops of the chipboard pieces where snow would accumulate the most.  

Supplies used:
GSL Tag Set Super X
GSL Winter Shape Set (2 sets)
GSL Pine Tree Shape Set
GSL Swirled Ornaments Set 2 (contact store)
My Mind's Eye Laundry Line paper collection
White Gesso
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics
  Phthalo Green-Yellow
  Titan Buff
  Primary Magenta
  Metallic Silver
  Metallic Gold
  Titanium White
  Burnt Umber
  Phthalo Turquoise
Distress Ink - Salty Ocean
Finnabair Snowflake Paste
Bo Bunny Sugar Pearlescent Paint
Bo Bunny Frost Glitter Paste
Assorted paintbrushes
Sponge dabber
Needle and thread
Paper Piercer

I hope I have inspired you to check out the shop for more of the fabulous laser cut chipboard that Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts has to offer.  There is something for everyone and every occasion.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay cozy and warm this Winter!

Barbara xoxo


  1. Love your pretty tags, Barbara! Such fabulous detail on those chippies!

    1. Thanks so much, Sandy. I love playing with those chippies and trying to see how far I can stretch my imagination. LOL