Saturday, February 15, 2020

Altoid Tin Televisions

Happy Saturday, everyone! I was so happy to play with an incredibly fun new piece from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts – the GSL Altoids Tin Television (coming soon). I have been an altoid tin crafter for many years and frequently stage little scenes inside. Now those little scenes can be nestled inside a television console. The possibilities are endless! 
Here are the parts of the console. There is a front piece with an altoid tin sized hole cut out, a solid rear piece, two-piece knobs, a tuning panel and an antenna.
The console pieces were painted front and back. I also painted the edges of the tuning panel, which was later covered with a small scrap of beige paper. The knob and antenna sections were glued together once the paint dried.
It was really hard deciding which 'show' to feature. I was contemplating this while cleaning out our attic and came across these micro-sized figures from a playset my daughter had when she was little. They are from the show 'Reboot', which is a computer animated series popular in the 1990's and was one of her favorites! I printed off a Dot's Diner screen grab from the show. The papers for this project were secured to the tin with matte Mod Podge. I always rough up the tin's surface with a bit of sandpaper to assist with adhesion.
The knobs were glued to the tuning panel and the show is ready to start.
I ran a thin layer of E6000 around the front metal edge of the tin then carefully set the TV's front into place. Once the glue was set, I glued the back of the tin on.
The only thing left to do was glue on the antenna and add the Reboot Hack and Slash dimwitted robot figures on top.
But wait... there's more... There is also a GSL Altoids Tin Retro Television (coming soon). This one insisted on being used for a retro TV show.  I loved Bewitched as a kid.  It was in black and white for it's first two seasons. 
Like I said, I do a lot of tin crafting and order the altoid sized tins online. I very rarely use the lids, those are just removed and set aside. I have a LOT of lids and decided to experiment with using them for this project. 
I printed off and cut the title sequence logo to size then blinged it up a little with some crystals and fine crystal glitter.
I glued the logo in place in a tin lid using Mod Podge, then secured this lid to a second one with E6000 glue.
Once that was set, I glued a strip of black paper around the lids to cover the seam. 
I followed the same process as the Reboot tin – paint then assemble. 
The only thing missing was aluminum foil on the bunny ears. Remember those?
 Thanks for stopping by!
Thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used (coming soon)
Altoids Tin Television
Altoids Tin Retro Television

Other Supplies Used
Mod Podge
E6000 glue
Acrylic paint
Altoid sized tins
Printed images
Miniature figures
Crystal and fine glitter


  1. I did not grow up with a television so I am unfamiliar with the first show you mentioned but have enjoyed seeing bewitched. Great projects and super fun